It is imperative for us to achieve our customers high requirements.

Corporate objectives

High quality of products and services for optimal efficiency, comprehensive environmental protection and maximum safety are of equal success factors in achieving the company’s goals. For this it is essential to improve all company performance continuously , thus strengthening our customers’ trust in the competence and responsibility of our company and its employees.


Quality affects all areas of the company and means to offer products and services in accordance with the requirements of customers . Therefore, the satisfaction of our customers is the key criterion for our definition of quality.
In improving the quality of our products and services, working with specific objectives , so that positive changes are continuously comparable and measurable.
Thus, we achieve three main objectives :
    Increasing the efficiency of our production
    processes and procedures
    Minimization of incorrect performance overhead
    Satisfaction of customers



The fulfillment of these strategic objectives is an essential prerequisite for the improvement of quality and competitiveness.