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DRUPA 2021
20 April - 30 April 2021
Düsseldorf, Germany
Hall 05 5E11

Dear customers,
the current situation caused by the corona virus demands a level-headed approach from all parties involved. We are currently in full production and are 100% committed to our delivery and service performance. A pandemic plan has been drawn up and allows for a unobstructed continuation of business operations according to various scenarios. You can reach us as usual at the numbers listed below.
We wish you all the best in these difficult times, stay healthy.

Your CST Team

Support / Service:                    Mr. Janosch +49 2151 15922651
Support / Service:                    Mr. Wendelken +49 2151 15922731
Sales:                                           Mr. Leven +49 2151 1592262
Office:                                         Mrs. Hein +49 2151 1592260
Bookkeeping:                            Mr. Frank +49 2151 1592232


CST GmbH is a leading global company supplying state of the art screen imaging to the graphics world.  Our patented production methods provide the best possible solutions to the most demanding applications.  The new imaging system utilizing a DMD chip manufactured by Texas Instruments allows for variable resolution, very fast engraving speed and low production costs.  Another large market for CST is textiles.  Here we have delivered more than 1.400 engraving units for flat and rotary screens.

Our new product for the exposure of stencils with 2.540dpi up to 90cm x 90cm:

DLE Eco+

At the ITMA we will show our DLE Rotary in a new design with 2.540dpi resolution and double engraving speed.