The roots go back to the year 1980.

Roots of CST GmbH

CST GmbH was founded in 1989 based on exciting new technological developments achieved in prior years. The CST GmbH achieves in short time an excellent  reputation in the textile market for drum scanners and film plotters. The CST GmbH is delivering to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Following years

The following years the CST GmbH developed imaging machines for the textile market for flat and round printing.  Also in this field our R&D department continues developed the technique to improve the process for our customer.


The engraving process started with a mask engraving system by wax. Later we changed to the much cheaper and faster ink system. The newest technology is the imaging by the DLE machines with DMD technology.

Our product-line

Our product line includes special designed machines. We offer what our customer needs. This line includes machines for the embossing market, laser engraving systems, etching machines and scanner.

Foundation of AKK GmbH

In 2012 we founded the AKK GmbH. We decided to produce and develop machinery for the future needs of both the embossing and laser markets.

Our staff

We have a ingenious team that designs the mechanics, the head systems and complicated optical systems.  Moreover we have two technicians that design our own boards and we have a pick-and-place robot in house to finish the board by ourselves.

So we know always what we are saying, when we talk about our machines!